Sunday, March 8, 2020

How to effectively work from home as a software engineer (during COVID-19)

How to effectively work from home as a software engineer (during COVID-19😷)

Most bay area and Seattle tech companies have already allowed employees to Work From Home (WFH). It is a very common topic on how to effectively work from home. Here I quickly summarized a few quick tips for particularly software engineers.

Tip 1: Keep in mind that WFH is a privilege

Not everyone in the US or around the world can wfh. It's a privilege and we should not take it for granted. Assuming people in those roles are professionals that have a clear goal and career aspiration, with solid self-discipline and would not abuse it. Don't slack off, too much. Ultimately you only work for yourself.

Tip 2: Get dressed & Keep a normal schedule

Do that normal thing you do when you go to office. You can wear your PJs with Xmas socks, but keep your upper body dressed normally for online meetings. Moreover, keep your normal working schedules and take breaks as well (especially if you are coding and super focused, now nobody bugs you and you could sit for a long time, take breaks). You might actually be more productive since you now are able to potentially save lots of commute time.

Tip 3: Stay available & Make online meeting fun

Presumably we still need to join meetings or communicate with each via chats. Stay available, especially now everyone is remote.

Online meetings for a while could be dry, to make things fun, this is how you can set up zoom or any online video conferencing with face filters and lenses

  1. Download snap camera:
  2. Open your video conferencing software, and choose video camera: snap camera 
  3. Open snap camera and choose lenses
  4.  Happy zooming!
    Me in real meetings with folks, when stakes are high, VR lenses can help :)

Tip 4: Maintain a work life harmony

You can choose to balance work and life, but I would rather maintain a work life harmony, it's a circle, said by a wise and definitely wealthy guy. (It's Jeff B if you are still wondering)



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